Sunday April 20, 2014

5 Dollar Campaign

Do you have the desire to donate to a worthy cause but are not sure where to place your donation? Look no further, The Foundation for American Business Revitalization is a just the place that needs your donations. All we are asking for is a $5 donation to support American businesses around the country, of coarse we will gladly take any size of donation. Your donation will help fund programs at FFABR such as grants to local community businesses, mentoring, seminars, webinars, workshops and professional resources all tailored to doing business in America today and in the future.

If you are an entrepreneur and either have a small businesses, brick and mortar or online, we want to help you achieve your dreams. Our current focus is in the state of Arizona.

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The Associated Press reports that President Obama believes that job creation is #1 with the American people and I have to agree with that. FFABR is an organization that can help create jobs in local communities by pooling resourcesand training people how to go after their dreams and be successful. No matter what obstacles that you might think are in the way, a famous profit once said that you will be able to move mountains. we can will be able to actually show you how to move your mountains out of your way to be successful. I hope you join our fight to continue to keep the American way alive. 
Written by John Campbell   

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